(German version)

About me

My name is Bernd Junghans, at university I studied history and Latin language. Ever since my childhood archaeology and curiosity were my hobbies. In 2002 I left Germany to live in Kappadokien where I pursued my affections. I am very happy to pass on my knowledge and experience to people who are keen on walking paths away from overused tourist roads.

Such paths to the unknown and unexpected may lead:

  • to early Christian basilicas
  • to unknown villages and their inhabitants
  • to churches and monasteries listed nowhere
  • behind doors that would be locked

I organise and lead guided tours through nature and history of an enchanted world. I also work on a dokumentary on early Christian cave churches which are still exposed to erosion and vandalism, in order to preserve their present state for the world to come.

What you may expect of me:

  • living historical knowledge
  • extraordinary local knowledge
  • active help with your individual day planning
  • advice of all kind on Turkey in general
  • guided tours and hiking with up to four people
  • help with rental cars, accommodation, shopping etc?
  • organisation of hot air balloon rides.

Having once been a foreigner to this country myself I am very aware of the problems arising for travellers and know how to solve them. In order to meet your requests and expectations on an individual level and to keep a maximum amount of spontaneity I prefer to work with small groups.
Therefore please don?t hesitate to get in touch if you are in need for help.

I am looking forward to meeting you!                                                                 Ben sizi beklerim!